Mountain Line

Mountain Line Buses will be expanding their services in Missoula now that a mill levy was passed by voters this week. Giving future riders multiple upgrades.

Riders won’t see too many changes right away, but soon they will be expanding their services to the weekends and passing this mill levy is opening the doors for future funding for Mountain Line.

"We went to the voters in 2017 and asked what sort of service, what are the next things you want Mountain Line to do?" Mountain Line General Manager Corey Aldridge said, "The over whelming answer was we want more service, we want weekend service, we want Sunday service." 

But before Mountain Line could make any of those changes they needed more funding. So they asked the voters and they said yes.

"I'm really excited and defiantly for it because it expands service out to the airport on the weekends and that's something I take advantage of" Rider Erin Fitzgerald said.

Not only will there be weekend routes added but the frequency of buses on busy routes will increase, and those busses will be electric.

"I love public transportation, I love Mountain Line, I love Missoula," Aldridge said, "It shows the pride our community has in our transportation system and the value of it."

"Its great for people who use it on a regular basis to get around and it looks like a lot of people do," Fitzgerald said.

Thanks to their zero fare program ridership has increased. With more riders and routes they will need more drivers.

"Now that this ballot measure has passed we will begin the process of hiring the drivers and the staff that we need to put this service on the streets," Aldridge said.

All of these new services funded by the mill levy will go into effect in January of 2022.

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