NBC News report: Dems have a 90 percent chance of winning control of House

According to an NBC News estimate, Democrats have a 90 percent chance of reclaiming the House majority. The estimate says Dems could win as many as 33 seats.

The call came as polls began to close on the east coast and NBC began projecting victories for Democratic candidates in some big congressional races in Virginia, Florida, Colorado and elsewhere. 

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Voter turnout has been high both locally and across the country. KHQ's Kevin Kim reported Tuesday afternoon that more people voted in this year's midterm elections than in the 2016 presidential election. 

"According to NBC News exit polls, two out of every three voters Tuesday said Trump was a factor in their House vote, with 26 percent saying they cast their vote to express support for the president and 38 percent saying their vote was intended to oppose the president," NBC News reports.

Before Election Night, Republicans held a 235-193 advantage in the House, with seven vacant seats.

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