Shelby Paulson
“My mom, is very religious, and so we’ve always gone to church, and it just started to foster from there.”

That’s Belt junior Shelby Paulson. Serving the community has always been important to her, especially after spending so much of her life in the church.

“I just like being involved with everything,” Shelby said. “I don’t know, with the church there’s a lot of things to get involved in. We got to go to a bunch of conferences - we have youth days here every year, and then you do community service projects and things like that.”

Those projects are through Youth Leadership, in which she’s completed trail cleanups, trash pickups after sporting events, and even caroling at Christmastime. Shelby says her favorite way to give back, however, is through the youth.

“I have a lot of siblings also, so my younger brother - he’s five - and working with his class is pretty fun. The boys are definitely the most fun. The feeling you get from it is really nice. Just hanging out with the little kids is always fun, and just knowing that you did something good is always a nice feeling.”

On top of her dedication to serving her congregation, Shelby is a multi-sport athlete at Belt High School, and hopes to play college basketball in the future. While her schedule can be hectic, and often overwhelming, her plans for the present remain the same: continue to help her brothers and sisters through the church.

“Sometimes it’s rough, I’m not gonna lie, but It’s pretty cool, because you get to do all that stuff with your younger siblings, and I get one more year of it, so I better cherish it.”

Shelby is also involved in National Honor Society. The group is currently working on a project for Memorial Day that will allow children to write a letter to a military serviceman, whether active or retired.

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