GFCC's Tucker Atkinson

Tucker Atkinson is one of Montana high school rodeo's rising stars. Just a freshman at Great Falls Central Catholic, Tucker won the bull-riding belt last weekend in Conrad. Tucker's goals however are much bigger.

"After high school, I hope to go into college for bull-riding and I can get my PRCA card when I am 18 and that is my goal to get into PRCA,"Tucker said.

Tucker's bull-riding dreams were influenced by another Great Falls rodeo star that he idolized as a child.

"One of the guys I really look up to from Great Falls is Jesse Kruse and we're family friends with him," Tucker said. "You'll see him behind the chutes and he's always talking to little kids and I remember being a little kid and he signed my hat and that meant the world to me."

With his idols influence in mind, Tucker now aspires to inspire and mentor children in his community.

"The kids camps at Central, I help out with that and you get to spend like a full, half day, its about a full day with them with all these little kids and you just get to help them progress in their sport."

Tucker also volunteers at banquets to help raise money for Catholic education. He hopes his charity work will increase with his bull-riding success. With long term goals in mind, tucker is now focused on short term objectives.

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