John Milton, Great Falls High Junior

"If you just do the littlest things sometimes it can make the biggest impact and a lot of good things to do in this world."

That's Great Falls High junior John Milton's outlook on life. But Milton is doing more than just the little things.

He's a member of Leadership High, DECA, and spends time volunteering with the Special Olympics, all while serving as the Vice President of BPA. John has taken his opportunities in stride and encourages other young students to do the same.

"Get involved, get into other things you wouldn't normally be getting into such as clubs, BPA, DECA, Leadership High School," he said. "Different kinds of organizations like that can help you really blossom."

Last year John's leadership was recognized nationally, when he won the BPA's Ambassador Torch Award.

"I had to get 70 points in seven categories; there were like leadership, knowledge, love, hope faith. Different categories involving the leadership kind of person," he said about the award.

So what's next? Well in the immediate future he will be shadowing Mayor Kelly next week.

"I thought that would be interesting so I picked him up on his offer and we're gonna go over there, see how it all works, see what he does."

John's plans beyond high school are not yet decided, though he said leadership will certainly be in his future.

"It can be challenging, but if you have enough commitment and you have enough faith you'll be able to get to the end of it and you'll be able to find the best and that is for the people."

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