Nate Hill, Mattress Firm Student of the Week

Townsend Bulldogs junior Nate Hill is a three-sport athlete who participates in long and triple jump and throws shot put, discus, and javelin during the spring in Broadwater County.

"Just trying to increase our distances and a lot of it comes through our technique and get that pat and try to get through districts and divisional and get to state," said Nate Hill.

Nate is also in his third year on the high school Youth Council that spends time each month encouraging younger kids to make healthy life decisions.

"We do Safe as a Bulldog Week here which is tobacco-free and we wear certain types of clothing and have little competitions and so we try to make it fun while presenting. Just the other day we did a slideshow about juuling and just taught the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders a little something we knew and the statistics and hopefully that will keep them away from it," said Nate Hill.

All-State senior distance runner Louis Ingalls says he just got involved last year and says it's great to help others choose the right path,"

"I needed that same guidance when I was younger and being able to give that to those kids is just kind of a cycle of life 360 turnaround and just a good thing to do," said Louis Ingalls.

Bulldogs athletic director Travis Rauh is the head coach of football as well as track and field. He says the leadership skills many athletes develop on the Youth Council make his job easier.

"A great situation for me. I don't have to deal with a lot of the little tiny discipline things because our seniors take care of it. Leadership has been phenomenal throughout. They're leaders when they're out in sports and they're leaders in the school as well," said Travis Rauh.

"I'm in 4-H too and one of our main deals we love to do and present is leadership and I want to make sure we can have a nice, presentable youth here at Broadwater High School and that's my main goal," said Nate Hill.

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