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Josh Quick understands your love for Montana. And he understands how proud you are of the Treasure State. That's because he is too!

"I think it's a mysterious place. In the lower 48, we live in a mysterious, sparely populated place with mountains and plains and I think a lot of folks don't know much about Montana" says Quick.

So the Missoula born and raised designer and illustrator set out to caputre the people, places, food, animals, and history that makes up the mysterious state of Montana. Those snipets are compiled in the pages of "Montana Quick Facts".

"I was like there should be a book about illustrative facts in Montana, and as these pieces started adding up, like I complied more and more of them, I was like this should be a book." Quick says.

That book is full of more than 100 facts about Big Sky Country, and each fact is exposed through Josh's art.

"Comic books are a great example, and this is my own opinion, when you apply a narrative, when you apply words to the actual static image." says Quick. "To me, that's more memorable. They might not remember what I drew, but they might remember the fact, and for me, that's significant." 

And there is a significant time investment for Josh. Contrary to the book's title, the facts are not exactly "quick" to make. Each one takes about three hours to complete, in part because Josh draws from his own curiosities.

"I'll just be sitting there and be wondering like, I wonder how many cows live here. Or what is all that stuff on our emblem. What are these things? What was CM Russell really like? Dig into that history, and you might come across stuff that is even deeper." Quick says.

And through the process of creating the book, Quick says he has gained a deeper appreciation for his mysterious home state.

"Biggest pet peeve growing up in Montana, I always had this in my mind that we have this lack of diversity. As I have been doing this book, I have learned that we have a ton of diversity. We have social-economic diversity, we have different interests, that's what I learned, I was like wow, we live in a really cool place." 

And that really cool place? Well, he's captured it all for us with Montana Quick Facts. 

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