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Courtesy Adam Field

HELENA - For the past 20 years Adam Field has studied the art of pottery around the world.

He specializes in traditional Korean Onggi, an ancient style of fermentation jar used to make pickled dishes such as kimchi. His jars have gotten attention from celebrity chefs like Dave Chang of Momofuku.

But Field is humble about his skills.

"The aesthetic decisions that happened with making these pots happened thousands of years ago, and I'm just following the prescribed aesthetic for it," Field says.

Field moved to Montana in 2013 after being accepted to the prestigious Archie Bray Foundation in Helena.

"People want the opportunity to come and work at this iconic and well-known place, where they have a simple mission, which is to provide a great place to work in clay," Field says.

adam field dave chang

with celebrity chef Dave Chang, right. courtesy Adam Field

The Archie Bray foundation and museum runs the first and oldest ceramic residency in the country. Only 10 applicants a year are accepted.

These days, when Field isn't throwing clay at his in-home studio in Helena, he travels the country teaching others how to create masterpieces.

"In the way I take a fresh bag of clay and mold that into something that can be functional and useful, I really try and approach life that way."

Adam also sells his Onggi fermenting jars as custom orders, starting at one gallon and going all the way up to 60 gallons.

For more about Adam and his work, click here to visit his website.

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