Maclean Animal Adoption Center pays off debt after 13 months

We made it through Black Friday and even Cyber Monday, but today marks another special day during the season Giving Tuesday.

According to the website,, this movement is powered by social media and people wanting to give back. has gotten into the spirit by offering ways to designate a donation to different charities including one right here in Great Falls.

The MaClean Animal Adoption Center will receive a portion of your total purchase from the website today, and representatives said it's providing the perfect opportunity for people to give back when they aren't sure how.

"People say oh I want to help the cats and dogs I wish I could adopt them I wish I could do this for the cats and dogs and things like that so you can help them by buying them treats or food or collars or leashes,things like that." said Erin Doran.

If you weren't able to purchase anything through amazon smile today you can always bring donations by the center at any time.  

Doran said, even donating your time with the animals themselves is a great way to give back.

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