Understanding Both Animal Centers in Great Falls

The Maclean Animal Adoption Center in Great Falls started accepting dogs and cats to take residence at the new center. But now that there are two animal facilities in town, it may become too easy to confuse one for the other. 

"Rocky" a Terrier-Yorkie mix is the first dog to be accepted at the Maclean Animal Adoption Center, and this will be his temporary home until adopted. The center also accepted their first cat "Frosty" who was owned by an older woman who recently passed away.

The new Maclean Animal Adoption Center is a multi-million dollar non-profit facility and is not the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter.  The City of Great Falls Animal Shelter sits right next door, both places do adopt animals, but there are differences.

"The city does animal control; we don't do that,” said Bob James, on board of trustees for the Maclean Animal Adoption Center. 

Meaning the center will not be responding to calls about dogs and cats running loose in the city.

“If people drop off a pet or find a stray, they can come to either facility,” said James. 

They’ve also designated space without kennels, to learn about dogs and cats,"We have an educational room and the city doesn't have that,"said James.

Margaret J. Maclean, who the Animal Adoption Center was named after, "essentially left her whole estate to the cause of animals."


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