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UPDATE: JULY 15 AT 5:50 P.M.

The Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a suspect was cited with negligent arson in connection with the Grizzly Gulch Fire.

According to a release, the individual was detained Thursday and later released from custody. At this time, the identity of the suspect has not been released, as the investigation is still on going.

The Grizzly Gulch Fire located on Mount Helena is reported to be about 35% contained.

Investigators now believe that it started as one fire that caused 4-5 multiple fires across the landscape. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, those fires burned together into one larger fire, which is currently estimated to be around five acres.

There are no evacuation orders in place. However, residents are still asked to take caution in the area and use alternate routes where possible. 

To reduce the burden on firefighting resources, Montanans must do their part to prevent wildfires from starting.

You can visit to learn about fire restrictions throughout Montana and visit for more tips on fire prevention and preparedness. 

HELENA, Mont. - A series of fires broke out on Mount Helena near Helena Thursday, July 15.

According to a release from the Montana Department of Resources (DNRC) and Conservation, the Grizzly Gulch Fire is made up of four to five separate fires totaling five to 10 acres large. 

The DNRC along with local fire departments and law enforcement agencies are working to contain the fire.

Firefighters are working to suppress the fire as fast as they can while defending infrastructure, private land, natural resources and other values at risk.

DRNC asks the public to keep away from the area as much as possible and to slow down if they are driving in the area. Look out for any signs posted for detours or restricting access. 

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