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GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Multiple residents living at the Ivy at Great Falls have been temporarily moved after staff noticed a gas-like smell in a non-resident area.

The smell was noticed on Monday, Oct. 11, and Energy West was called out and shut off the gas.

According to The Ivy Assistant Administrator, Onaliza Montano, Energy West stated there was some erosion noted in one of the pipes causing a leak in the dietary/laundry area.

When a plumber was called, The Ivy was told residents were not and are not in immediate danger.

“The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) was contacted by the administrator and informed them of the situation. They promptly sent several surveyors to assist in transferring any residents that have any severe/acute respiratory or any other acute health issues that would necessitate them being transferred to a nearby facility on a temporary basis,” Montano said. “We are utilizing efforts such as alternate heat sources approved by the State of Montana to attempt to maintain comfortable temperatures.”

A total of 13 residents have been temporarily transferred with designated nursing staff to care for them to a local health care facility at Park Place Healthcare.

Montano says several agencies including the DPHHS, Great Falls Fire Department, Energy West, Plumbing 911, the Bruce Haman- Building Official, Sara Thompson, Stephanie Guerrero at Park Place and Ivy at Great Falls staff are working to provide the most immediate and well-ordered response to the issue.

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