22-year-old Aaron Brogan arrested after leading Cascade County deputies on a chase

GREAT FALLS- Around 11:19 pm, Deputy Olsen was dispatched to 5405 Lower River Road regarding a disturbance in the area. 

According to court documents, a male and female were arguing outside "The Little Store".

The caller reported the male began to yell profanities, causing a disturbance in the area, and eventually drove off northbound on Lower River Road without any of the car’s lights on.

Deputy Lee eventually located the car in the area and noticed it did not have any headlamps on. After activating her emergency lighting to try and stop the vehicle, the driver proceeded to drive faster in reverse while pointing his middle finger out the driver window.

Eventually, the driver ran into a ditch at an intersection on Franklin Avenue and 13th Street South. The driver continued to disobey Lee's verbal commands over the PA system and proceeded to head south on 13th Street.

Court documents say the driver then struck a mailbox on 13th Street and made no attempt to notify the owner. Deputy Lee eventually noticed a female was in the passenger seat of the vehicle as well.

Deputy Vanzuyt, Sergeant Boyd, and Deputy Olsen arrived shortly after the driver stopped. Boyd and Olsen exited their vehicles and began to approach the passenger side of the getaway vehicle.

The driver attempted to speed off towards Boyd, Vanzuyt, Olsen and Lee but only moved a short distance because the vehicle was on the ice.

The female in the passenger seat eventually exited the car and was taken for questioning.

After several attempts to accelerate the driver drove backward into a ditch, crashing into a fence on the property. After several commands, the driver finally exited the vehicle and lifted his sweatpants exposing his genitals with a clear intent to cause alarm.

After noticing the driver had no weapon, Boyd and Olsen approached the man and gave orders to get on the ground. The man resisted arrest several times causing Boyd to use his taser and physical force to make the arrest.

When Boyd and Lee attempted to lift the driver off the ground the man turned to Boyd and spit on his face.

The man was identified as 22-year-old Aaron Brogan.

Brogan was taken to jail and has several warrants for his arrest and his license was confirmed suspended. Court documents say he has a criminal history in other states like Oregon, Colorado and North Dakota.

His bond has been set at $20,000.


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