Emilio Renova

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - A Great Falls man's trial for the beating death of his 5-year old son, Tony Renova, has been delayed and additional charges have been filed.

Emilio Renova was supposed to stand trial on Aug. 16, in Polson, but due to a wildfire burning near Flathead Lake, his trial has now been moved to March 22. 

Emilio was initially charged with deliberate homicide, assault on a minor, child endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child, he's now facing two more assault charges after videos were found of the boy having to hold cans or his arms above his head.

In one video Emilio and Stephanie were seen getting mad at the child because he had wet his pants.

Another video showed the child had wet his pants and was taken into the bathroom where Renova reportedly hit him in the head and continued to strike him after the child was on the floor.

A count of assault on a minor was added to Renova’s charges after the videos were found.

Images show what appears to be the child malnourished, with documents noting the child weighed 44 pounds at his last doctor’s visit in Feb. 2019, and 31 pounds at the time of death.

Court documents state that in an interview, Stephanie admitted to hearing Emilio beating the child and then treating the child’s head wounds with glue.

Emilio Emmanuel Renova has been charged with deliberate homicide, three counts of assault on a minor and two counts of criminal child endangerment.

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