Alluvion continues to expand access to Telehealth

GREAT FALLS- Now more than ever Montanans need more access to health care services, and Alluvion in Great Falls has announced new forms of access to more telehealth options for their patients.

Alluvion has been pleased with the benefits telehealth has brought to Montanans, not just because it gives the people the care they need from their homes, but it does it in a way that limits exposure to patients and workers.

In April, ten times more services were delivered via telemedicine than in February for Medicaid expansion members, and 23 times more for non-Medicaid members.

Montanans need more access to telehealth services, especially during a pandemic. But this new way of medicine could be something carried forward even after the pandemic is over.

“I think it’s one of those things we can really take from this. It’s one of the really few silver linings of this pandemic. We need to find ways to make expanding telemedicine really a permanent tool to address barriers to the care for Montana,” says Governor Steve Bullock.

Before the pandemic, Alluvion says none of their services were coming through telehealth.

With different circumstances and obstacles rising during the pandemic, Trista Besich, chief executive officer for Alluvion says a lot of their services are beginning to rely on telehealth.

“We went from providing no services by via tela to about 35% of our services via tela, and for our behavior health department that was actually about 55% of their encounters,” says Besich.

Alluvion also has a school-based health center that provides medical and behavioral health services like physical exams, laboratory testing, and even therapy and counseling.


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