Back To School Rally Backpack give away

GREAT FALLS - The back to school rally kicked off today in downtown great falls with food, fun and backpack giveaways full of supplies to get any student ready for the new school year.

The backpacks are being given away to anyone who pre-registered for the event. With each backpack containing a range of school supplies from notebooks to pencils to dry erase markers.

Helping with the giveaway were members of Rescue Mission and C.M. Rustle High School volleyball team, who told us how it feels to help those in need.

“Maddie: You feel good inside I just love helping people because if I was in the same situation I'd like for people to help me too. Ally: Yeah I think if they would it helps so many people and like backpacks and supplies are expensive so like if you can't afford it, yeah it really helps them,” said Maddie Mohler and Ally Will, two Juniors on the CMR Volleyball Team.

If you were not able to donate to this event but still want to help more families in need.

The good news is that the rescue mission is taking donations of food, school supplies and clothes all year long.


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