FORT SHAW - A barn fire turned wildland fire spread close to 20 acres near Fort Shaw Thursday.

The Fort Shaw Assistant Fire Chief says flames were sparked when someone was working on a car in this large lot. 

When strong winds picked up, backup from all surrounding areas were called in to assist.

Thick tall grass fueled the fire, which burned past a nearby barn and stopped just before the highway.

Roads in the area near Highway 200 were closed temporarily, however they are now open.

Firefighters from all surrounding areas including Vaughn, Manchester, Sun Prairie, Sun River, and Simms were able to get the fire contained in about 3 hours and began the mop upstage. 

The assistant chief says they’ll be monitoring this area through the night to make sure any hot spots don’t fuel up again. 

There were no reports of any injuries, and all surrounding homes and animals are safe.

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