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BELT, Mont. - Authorities say Belt School received an anonymous threat the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 6.

According to a release from the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, Belt School received the call around 3 p.m., the caller said another Sandy Hook would be happening in a few minutes and then hung up.

School officials immediately called 9-1-1 and placed the school under shelter in place. 

Parents received an alert regarding the situation and Belt residents received a followup CodeRED message from the Cascade County Sheriff's Office.

CCSO said the suspect was identified as a woman in her 30s from Ravalli County. She allegedly has a serious brain disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

CCSO said her caretakers have confiscated her communication devices due to her alleged history of similar problems such as stalking via phone or computer over the last several years.

She tested positive for COVID last week, according to CCSO, and was allowed to have her tablet for entertainment while in quarantine. During this time, she allegedly was constantly talking and worrying to her caretakers about school shootings, specifically stating concern for a teacher at Belt Public School.

CCSO said the teacher in question taught the woman in Ravalli County about 20 years ago, but has since moved to Belt where they currently teach. 

The woman had access to phone features through her tablet, which her caretakers were unaware of, according to CCSO.

The woman's caretakers told investigators the woman calling Belt School and mentioning Sandy Hook was her voicing a concern rather than making a threat, CCSO said.  

The caretakers confiscated her tablet immediately to prevent her from communicating more.

CCSO said the Belt teacher confirmed she was the woman's teacher more than 20 years ago, and said the woman has been trying to reach out to her and her kids through phone and social media for several years.

The Cascade County Attorney's Office has received a copy of the police report for review, but CCSO said they are not immediately pressing charges or an arrest warrant due to complexities surrounding the woman's condition and incapability of committing acts of violence. 

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