BROWNING- Blackfeet Indian Health Service is re-instituting medication pick up at the drive-up station as well as switching all face to face scheduled appointments to telephone visits.

The changes will begin Monday, June 29 and scheduled appointments will be notified of the change to telephone visits on Sunday, June 28.

To pick up medication you are asked to call the refill line at 338-6102 and leave your name, chart number or date of birth and list all of the medications to be refilled. Before going to pick up your medicine you can call the pharmacy at 338-6101 to make sure your medications are ready.

Blackfeet Indian Health Services provided this map to show how to pick up medication at the drive-up station.

Blackfeet Indian Health Services is also offering COVID-19 testing to symptomatic patients at their vehicles using the drive-up station to check-in.

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