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BROWNING, Mont. - The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council gave an update regarding the searches for three-year-old Arden Pepion and Leo Wagner, expressing condolences to their families as search efforts continue.

Chairman Timothy Davis said they are very thankful for all the food, water and manpower that have been donated to the searches.

The search for Arden Pepion has not been abandoned according to the update from the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council, members telling Arden’s family there are resources being dedicated to continuing the search as well as monitoring of the Two Medicine area.

They also stated they will do everything they can within their powers to help the Wagner family.

“My heart is so heavy for these families as well as others who lost individuals,” Stacy Keller, Secretary of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council said.  “Each time we’ve gone to D.C. we’ve met with the Department of Justice, requesting resources on cold cases, unsolved murders, you know. We’re just as frustrated.”

Anyone who has any knowledge of either Arden or Leo is encouraged to come forward. 

You can watch the full update on the Blackfeet Covid-19 Incident Command Facebook here:

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