Note: The broadcast version of the story mentions that Kadin has a few more years before his high school graduation, which is incorrect; he only has one year left. The article was written to reflect this, and KFBB sincerely regrets the error. 

GREAT FALLS - Since starting in the late 1998, a high school construction program has helped dozens of kids break into the professional field. And for one senior at C.M.R. High School, it gives him the chance to continue the family tradition.

Before joining High School House, construction work has always been something of a curiosity for 17-year-old Kadin Garness since it's something that runs in his family. And now, thanks to his older brother, he's set to follow in their footsteps.

"Him, my dad and my grandpa, all those guys, they've been in construction for years and years at Sletten [Construction],” said the aspiring construction worker. “Ever since my brother told me about the High School House Program, I was interested and ready to get into it."

His brother used to be a part of the construction program during his time at C.M.R. High, helping to build a couple of houses during his junior and senior years. These achievements became inspirations for Kadin, and he decided to join soon after.

"It's a fulfilling feeling to provide a low-income family a place to live and i think it's a really good program to be able to do something like that," he explained.

For older brother Jake, he said it's great to see Kadin and younger generations of construction workers getting involved.

"You don't see that very often as the years go on. It's really nice to see kids getting into these kinds of programs, into these trade programs and making something of themselves,"  said the carpenter apprentice, who’s been with Sletten Construction since he graduated high school in 2017.

Kadin and 25 other high schoolers will also get the chance to learn networking skills with companies in the coming year, as they coordinate with sub contractors during the building process.

"All those connections are important to them as they graduate from high school and set up a network of people that they know and have met," said Tom Moore, the Great Falls Public Schools’ superintendent.

Kadin still has a year before he's set to graduate, but once he does, he said he's open to any construction opportunities that come his way.


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