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GREAT FALLS- The Cascade-City County Health Department is reporting two additional COVID-19 related deaths.

The individuals were a man in his 40s and a woman in her 80s, both with underlying health conditions. 

“There are now two more families, two more groups of loved ones, grieving because of COVID-19, and here at CCHD we are mourning with them,” states Trisha Gardner, Health Officer for Cascade County. “This is not controversial: we have community-wide transmission of COVID-19, and no one in our community is expendable. It is my hope that learning about yet more mourning neighbors will bring out the best in us; that it will bring us together to curb the spread of this disease. If we cultivate a strong sense of taking care of one another—if we become deeply aware that our personal actions can make or break local schools, businesses, and hospitals, and act accordingly—then we can get through this and prevent more deaths.”

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