Cascade County Detention Center continues to struggle with jail overcrowding

CASCADE COUNTY, Mont. - The Cascade County Sheriff's Office rolled out the Inmate Tablet Education Program Tuesday, which is set to give every inmate in the jail a Tablet.

Staff spent Tuesday training on the devices and they will start being given to inmates on Wednesday.

These Tablets are loaded with communication, education and employment resources.

Undersheriff Cory Reeves said in a release the Tablets are meant to reduce the number of re-offenders and help inmates move forward with their lives once they leave the jail.

"Our Tablets will allow inmates to access critical content that enriches their lives and helps prepare them for successful reentry. Inmates are provided with educational and self-help opportunities via the Tablets, which allows them to prepare for success in the future. We believe education, vocational or otherwise, is key to reducing recidivism; therefore, a complete educational catalog is free to use on the Tablets," Undersheriff Reeves wrote in a release.

Inmates can view instructional documents and videos and complete coursework, exercises and tests on the Tablets at their own pace.

The Tablets contain information on Adult Basic Education, GED Prep, College Credit, Vocational Training, Life Skills, Job Search and Preparation, Mental Health, Addiction Recovery, Religious Resources and Parenting and Family.

But it's not all work. Inmates can also pay to watch movies, listen to music, read e-books, play games and access the Newsstand. And they can contact family members or receive eMessages.

Detention Officers can monitor every Tablet with their “Officer Tablets” and  approve an e-message before it’s forwarded to the recipient.

As far as calls go, Undersheriff Reeves said they will monitor all phone calls made from the Tablets for security.

"This has been a year-long project with Securus that has finally come to fruition, and we are excited to roll these powerful Tablets out in our jail which comes with a zero cost to our taxpayers," Undersheriff Reeves wrote in the release.

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