CCSO provides inmates with their own tablets

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - After a year-long process Cascade County Detention Center is finally welcoming its new Inmate Tablet Educational Program, giving inmates their own technology devices.

Inmates received their own tablets, giving them access to education and employment resources.

Each tablet is loaded with videos, exercises and tests to help inmates improve their learning, but it also allows them to prepare for the future, with apps on addiction recovery, GED preparation and job searches.

CCSO is one of the few facilities in Montana to take this step and Warden Joe Visser says this program will have huge benefits down the road.

"Recidivism is the big thing. If we can give them the tools here while there here, to go out and to do better and to be better, one life changed is a totally worth it to us," Visser said. 

Inmates will also be able to communicate on the tablets by sending e-messages and making phone calls to family and friends, but certain programs won't be allowed.

"What we don't want people to think this is, a social media tool. They can't get on social media they can't get on Facebook," Visser said.

Keith Masters, account manager for Securus Technologies, has helped provide tablets to large county jails and other detention centers around the country but their goal is to make sure everyone gets this opportunity.

"Our goal as a company is to have every inmate in the country with a tablet, and we're well on the way to that," said Masters.

To keep everything safe detention officers will have their own tablet that monitors all messages & phone calls.


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