Charlottesville, VA removes Lewis & Clark statue with Sacajawea

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - After recent complaints, Charlottesville, Virginia removes another historic statue, marking its third statue taken down by the city.

Sacajawea was a big help with the Lewis & Clark expedition, but instead of being represented as a strong Native American woman, many people feel like this statue is showcasing her in a negative way.

On July 10, the city removed the Lewis & Clark statue featuring Sacajawea after many people claimed the statue was misrepresenting the famous Native American women.

According to a CNN report, Sacajawea appeared to be cowering behind Meriwether Lewis and William Clark rather than being shown as a leader.

Frankie Kipp and Ember Kipp are both members of the Blackfeet tribe, and even though they believe most Lewis and Clark statues shine a positive light on Sacajawea, seeing this statue gave them a second thought.

"We’ve seen Sacajawea standing there with her baby on her back and she's pointing with Lewis & Clark. You know, I thought that was pretty good acknowledgment. But I can kind of see their point in this thing right here, it looks like she's scared," Frankie Kipp said.

This statue was removed along with two other statues displaying confederate generals.

Although it took a while for Charlottesville to remove the statue, Ember Kipp says she wouldn't be surprised if other statues are brought down in the future.

"I would say that, definitely. If she's portrayed like that in other statues.... those should be taken down," said Ember Kipp.

According to a Tweet by the City of Charlottesville, it was unanimously voted to remove the statue.


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