Map of Keystone Pipeline across Montana


MCCONE COUNTY, Mont. - The Keystone XL Pipeline, which has been on hold since January, was set to bring in close to $80 million for rural Montana communities. 
Close to 285 pipeline miles would run through Montana, a majority of which would go right through McCone County. McCone County Commissioner Jim Moos says they have been losing population for years, which means fewer people paying taxes, in turn less funding for big projects.
"All the stuff  that we try to maintain costs the taxpayers more money and there's fewer taxpayers to do it all the time," said Moos. 
Moos was planning to spend projected revenue money on necessary repairs and renovations. He explained how not moving forward with the pipeline project would be a huge loss because hundreds of miles of roads don't have gravel, the courthouse and high school need renovations, and emergency services could be enhanced. Electric lines could also improve coverage for area customers.
"We are all AG and we look forward to being able to doing a number of things and maintain the county along with the schools," said Moos.
He said these much needed projects could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and pipeline revenue could cover a majority of the bill. Two pipeline pumps would be set up in McCone County alone if Keystone plans moved forward, which would generate more money back to the community. The projected $80 million revenue boost would be split between 6 counties: McCone, Phillips, Valley, Dawson, Prairie and Fallon.

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