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(UPDATE 6/11/19): According to airport officials with 180,000 boarding’s a year at the Great Falls International Airport traveling at times comes with a cost. It’s why community leaders are starting an initiative to lower flight costs.


Tonight in our Community Spotlight, Jackson Storm with Benefis Health System stopped by the KFBB studio to discuss the upcoming February Benefis Health Session happening Thursday, February 14th, from 5:30pm until 7 pm.

GREAT FALLS- GREAT FALLS- It’s no doubt that many are still feeling the impacts of last year's record winter. Especially farmers and ranchers, and now that this winter is in full effect, their worries are growing.

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GREAT FALLS- Nationwide people are gathering to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left. In Great Falls, churches, the University of Providence, and community members gathered to reflect, sing, and pray, that Martin Luther King Jr.'s words continue to live on each and every day.

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Musical instruments can take a lifetime to master. However, one teenager in Helena is already playing with the pros. Sixteen-year-old Taylor Peterson actually shares the stage with his teacher.

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All children are special, but some shine above the rest. In this new segment, our Bliss Zechman shows us how one kid is making a difference by simply hanging out with folks who are usually about seven times her age. It’s not just the familiar tune that brought these senior citizens out of their rooms, it’s company they’ve come to know and love.   “They’re busy, but they’re not too busy to think of us people,” said Estella Schmidt, ...

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