Live action role playing, or larping, in Great Falls

GREAT FALLS - From Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings, there are countless ways to step into the world of fantasy fiction, and one group in the Electric City is diving head first through live action role play, or LARP for short.

It's where members of the community come together to portray their own original characters, as they embark on a storyline or quest through city landmarks using costumes, miniatures and nd their imaginations.

A larping chapter in the Electric City, called Napa's Snarling, has followed its current story campaign for over two years. While it can sometimes be tricky getting everyone on the same page, the group’s storyteller said larping is a great way to come together in creative self-expression. 

"I like the aspect of being able to create stories with other people, individually as well as on a larger scale,” said Josh Wendt, who guides his group on their fantastical journey. “It is a way to express myself that allows me to act and create and do things I wouldn't normally be able to do."

While Napa’s Snarling has used different venues in the past, it currently hosts sessions at Lets Play Games and Toys downtown (514 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401).

Napa’s Snarling is organized under the Mind’s Eye Society, a non-profit that hosts larping games across the U.S. that are set in different worlds and universes. If you would like to learn more about live action role play on the local and international level, you can visit MES’s official website.


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