East Middle School receives $4,500 for new chromebooks

GREAT FALLS- One teacher at East Middle School has single-handedly made it easier for her students to have access to more science projects. 

Megan Murphy has been teaching science to middle schoolers for quite some time. 

One of her favorite supplies to use is the Chromebook. 

She only has 7 to work with for about 20-30 students per class, but thanks to a special grant each student will have access to their own Chromebook. 

After receiving an email, Megan applied for a grant and was later awarded $4,500 in grant money.

"Being able to create mini-movies as opposed to before when it was all poster board like some people remember doing," Megan said.

These Chromebooks are now connecting them with other scientists not just in Montana, but around the world. 

The grant was the largest of 5 grants handed out by the Montana Masonic Foundation.


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