Rock gnome paintings

Some hand-painted rocks featuring gnomes, which can be found in parts of Great Falls or even beyond the area, depending on where people discover or hide them. Photo by Charla Brown.

GREAT FALLS - You may visit city parks or go hiking on clear summer days, and one woman helped spread joy and appreciation for the outdoors Sunday through a ‘Rock-Related’ scavenger hunt.

Charla Brown, who put the event together, is one of many others hiding painted rocks around town for anyone to find. However, the hunt came with a different twist this time around.

Charla handed out guidelines and riddles in a parking lot by 10th Ave S, challenging participants to find or take pictures of items in public places, with gnome-painted rocks as prizes.

It’s part of other collectathons she held this week, encouraging people to explore the Electric City and find stones Charla decorated herself. She says it’s her way of connecting people, while bringing smiles to their faces.

”I’ve had two or three people that have kids that have opened up to them because of going out and having time together looking for the rocks,” said Charla. “Anytime I can do something for someone that brings them closer to their families or gets them out doing things as a family, that’s a win-win for me.”

Charla said she plans on hosting similar events possibly every other month. If you’d to learn more about rock-hunting at ‘Great Falls Rocks’ official group page.

You don’t need to be a member to have fun, but simply remember to mind your surroundings, and maybe even hide some rocks of your own. You might just make someone else’s day.

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