FCCS partners with 'Give Great Falls' to help fund LEARN scholarships

GRETA FALLS, Mont. - In honor of ‘Give Great Falls’ week, one high school is finding a unique way to give back to their students.

Unlike any other fundraisers, Foothills Community Christian School is participating with ‘Give Great Falls’ to help bring direct financial assistance to students and families in need.

This week FCCS is holding a peer fundraiser to raise $5,000 for its LEARN scholarships.

This is the third year the school has partnered with the community campaign, and although FCCS hosts other fundraisers throughout the year, Advancement Coordinator Kerri Koteskey says it's time to build something more direct.

"I think it was just a great way to really show the impact of giving. A lot of times we have donors who support the school and you don't see that direct impact, and so I think that a scholarship program is just a great way for donors to really see the full impact of their support,” Koteskey said.

The scholarship program launched six years ago, and since then, Koteskey says she's seen how much of a blessing this has been for many families.

"We have a family that started on scholarship and was one of those where they prayed every year... you know, 'is this something we're supposed to do?' and just trusted the Lord to provide. Over the course of several years, that family has now moved off of our scholarship program and is now contributing to the program," she said.

On average this scholarship awards a student $1,500, but to qualify the student must apply and be admitted into the school.

The school will be taking donations throughout the week, and to make it even more exciting, anyone who signs up as a peer fundraiser and hits their goal of $250 will receive a prize.


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