Fort Benton takes on damages from high wind gusts

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - High winds continue through Central Montana forcing some road closures.

Along with road closures, there were multiple tree accidents in Fort Benton that caused serious damage.

Residents said houses and businesses have been destroyed by the strong winds.

One resident, Nalin Dana, said she was able to move her car just in time before the disaster happened.

“My car was parked there and about two hours ago I got home and the tree was kind of creaking, and I thought 'oh I’m going to move my car,'" Dana said.

Many travelers were also faced with the road closure, with Highway 87 between Great Falls and Fort Benton, and I-15 Wolf Creek North to Dearborn being closed.

Over the past two days wind gusts were reported to be around 45 mph, but today the National Weather Service reported gusts reached up to 71 mph in Great Falls.

Montana is known to be pretty windy from time to time, but Meteorologist Matthew Ludwig said seeing conditions like this are still uncommon.

“This is a pretty high-end event. It’s not unheard of for us to see winds this strong but it's not common,” Ludwig said.

The National Weather Service said wind speed will begin to die down Wednesday evening.


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