GREAT FALLS - The Fourth of July is coming up this week, and local vendors are expecting their sales to be much higher this year, but are the fireworks on your shopping list legal in your area?

In the Treasure State, residents are allowed to put on their own at home displays but this does come with some limitations. 

Specifically, stick rockets, bottle rockets and roman candles are not allowed after being deemed too dangerous for public use by the state. 

Residents can only set off fireworks on their private property, so you can’t use an empty parking lot, city park, or other public space. 

For your first three offenses, you are looking at fines of one, two and three hundred dollars with a fourth offense jumping up to one thousand dollars.

“This year should be a lot higher than it has been in the past years. We’ve always had a good turnout rate but this year we expect a high turnout rate and with the Fourth of July coming in closer, you know as it gets closer to the holiday sales should be picking up,” said Kyle Hansen, TNT Fireworks and Malmstrom 341st Munitions Squadron.

Remember, any children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult when setting off fireworks and to purchase you must be at least 18.

You can view a full list of fireworks rules and regulations on the City of Great Falls’ website here.


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