GFC-MSU upgrades classrooms to enhance virtual learning

GREAT FALLS- Thanks to recent upgrades, Great Falls College-MSU is taking virtual learning to the next level.

Instead of using basic Zoom software, GFC-MSU has decided to go with the Webex platform which offers better services for students.

GFC-MSU has also installed quality room speakers and high-definition cameras to put out better quality video and audio.

These upgrades allow students in the classroom, and from home, to communicate clearly without any interruption.

"The feedback that we've gotten on the technology that we have installed has been very positive, the students are very happy, and they can see and understand the instructor very well. The instructors can get more students involved in the class. It’s just a way for us to get the class out to students who can't be out on campus," said Dave Bonilla, chief technology officer for GFC-MSU.

The Learning Management System connects students to the Webex platform where they can participate directly.

"At least in my classes the students seem really happy with it. I think because I think they can hear, and they feel like they're participating. Also, I can hold them better accountable so that they're not just listening to class and doing something else," said Dr. Heidi Pasek, a faculty member for GFC-MSU.

Educators also say the Learning Management System makes it easier for them to access learning materials.

"Everything from links to videos or certain assignments, or instructions for things, slides, and movies. All of those things we can access very quickly," said Pasek.

So far, the school has 20 setups installed, and by mid-March Bonilla says they expect to install two more.


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