GREAT FALLS, Mont. - A few months ago Michelle Resler, an employee at School House Daycare saved a man's life outside their facility. 

Great Falls Emergency Services responded to a call where they found her performing CPR on a man who collapsed in cardiac arrest. 

GFES tells Montana Right Now that her actions are credited for saving his life. 

"Resulted in him being able to leave the hospital neurologically intact," said Justin Grohs, general manager for GFES. 

GFES says this is a prime example of the importance of everyone learning CPR. 

"Outcomes improve dramatically when someone starts CPR immediately following a collapse, as they do when someone applies an AED right away," said Grohs. 

GFES encourages anyone who wants to take a CPR class to call their office at 406-453-5300 or visit their website.

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