GFHS Graduate Olivia Longin

GFHS Graduate Olivia Longin looking upon her old school in Great Falls. She's making her acting debut in the upcoming film 'The Last Champion,' a redemption story around high school wrestling. Photo by Afiq Hisham.  

CASCADE COUNTY - One woman from the Electric City’s making her film acting debut this Winter in ‘The Last Champion,’ an upcoming movie around high school wrestling 

As a Great Falls High School graduate studying theatre in Idaho at the time, Olivia Longin tells Montana Right Now she never expected to get involved as she did when first starting as a stand-in.  

However, that quickly changed, with production crews casting her as a Garfield High schooler after noticing her enthusiasm. “I loved her energy and I said, ‘You know, you’d be perfect for the girlfriend of our lead,” said Glenn Withrow, the movie’s director, writer and producer.  

It was Longin’s first time being around a large team of actors and filmmakers, something she describes as cool, if a bit intimidating. “All of these actors are union professional actors, a lot of them are older than me,” she said. 

While most of her shoots took place in Washington state, some also feature her alma mater, bringing Longin back to her humble acting roots. 

“I was super involved in student council, choir and theatre,” said Longin. “You know, my first ever audition when I was seven years old was in the Great Falls High auditorium, so it’s a special place for me.”  

The movie revolves around a disgraced Olympics star getting a second chance through coaching his town’s underdog wrestling team, which Withrow says presents themes of determination against all odds. 

“Wrestling is struggling, right? You struggle against each other, you grapple. Everybody’s grappling with something in this film,” he said.

Longin says it’s a message that we all could use during these unsteady times. “I think a film like this you know will give people hope and give you that warm feeling on the inside, especially right before the holidays,” she said.  

With her first film in the books, Longin hopes to kick off her acting career by keeping her sights on more projects in the near future. You can follow her on Instagram, and ‘The Last Champion’ is available for pre-order on iTunes


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