construction worker

Great Falls High has a goal of preparing our youth for the future.

However, in order to reach that goal, it’s important to show students the value of keeping pieces of the past alive as well.

In order to start construction on Great Falls High’s new building, there were roughly 60 hard wood trees, most of which were ash, that had to be taken down.

Instead of sending them to the dump, The Good Wood Guys pitched the idea of re-purposing the trees into benches that would be constructed by Great Falls High students.

However, right now is just a waiting game.

“The thicker the pieces are, like these are two and a quarter inches thick, they need time to dry. Otherwise, you get warping and cracking after you build a project. So this is why they’re stickered the way they are so air can flow through them and they’re just going to sit right here… And this might be next school year, students working on these,” explains Chris Crocker, Owner of The Good Wood Guys & part-time teacher at GFHS.

Several of the trees torn down saw over 80 years of Great Falls High history and will be a testament to both past and future generations.

Chris is hoping this will also serve as an opportunity to inspire students to consider a career in wood working as well.

While nothing is set in stone quite yet regarding the future of these wooden slabs, students and staff are confident that their plans will continue to move forward, allowing them to bring a piece of history to their new hub.

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