From left to right: SRO Rosteck, Sgt Beall, SRO Houston, SRO Kinsey, and SRO McAdam

Courtesy: Great Falls Police Department

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - January 9, 2022 was national school resource appreciation day. 

So, the Great Falls Public Schools honored their SRO's with their 'Good Apple' Award at their school board meeting on January 10th. 

"They play a huge role for the district. So, they are the front-line officers. So, if the district is having an issue, whether it's a principal at a school or a teacher or a student, they go directly to the school resource officers and that's a majority of the time how investigations start," said Sgt. Detective Rob Beall with Great Falls Police Department. 

The GFPS SRO team consists of Beall, detective Clint Houston, detective Jesse Rosteck, detective Kristy Kinsey, and detective Aaron McAdam. 

But what is an SRO? 

Well, a school resource officer is a diverse role working in the school and in the community. 

While they work to protect our children, they also educate and mentor students.  

"They spend their days hanging out with kids. And so, they are very valuable of learning the ins and outs of each individual school, cause each one of them is different. So, they spend their days in and out learning about that and learning about the students that go there. And that relationship building piece really helps them head problems off before they can get big," said Beall. 

Beall oversees the other SRO's and says he's proud of his team.  

"I never have to wonder if they're doing the right thing because I know that they are. Getting this award is a big testament to them and their effort that they're putting in every day. They're the ones who are doing the work, for sure. And I appreciate the school district for recognizing them, that's really cool," said Beall. 

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