Generic Voting

Image courtesy of MGN. 

HELENA- Just days after Montana’s Democratic candidates started a tour around the state, their Republican counterparts are doing the same thing.

But with a different twist, their message is something any candidate would get behind.

“Get out the vote.”  This election is expected to have extremely high voter turnout and these men and women plan to drive thousands of miles to spread that message.

Troy Downing, running for State Auditor and Greg Gianforte, running for Governor say your vote matters.

"Well, it’s so important that everybody’s voice is heard. Ballots go out Friday and we have a big decision," said Gianforte

"If everybody decides my vote doesn’t matter nobody shows up. It’s absolutely important every single vote matters, there are counties in Montana where elections are won by one vote. It’s absolutely imperative," said Downing 

Meanwhile, Senator Steve Daines also spending the afternoon in Great Falls with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. 

Cotton joined him in the Electric City to stump for him in a race the entire nation is watching

"That's an absolute absolute must-win state for us and should be an easy win state for us because Steve Daines has been an outstanding voice for all Montanans for the last six years in the United States Senate, and will be a great voice for Montanans for the next six years," said Cotton

Several of Montana’s Democrats are still on the road, like Kathleen Williams.

Steve Bullock will hit the road to western Montana later this week, and Mike Cooney will be in Billings on Thursday and Friday for a handful of campaign events including a roundtable on public safety.

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