GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Police arrested a man during a traffic stop Monday for a reported rape in July 2019.

The Great Falls Police Department initially received the report in on July 12, 2019 from a friend of the victim who told officers they were at a party with underaged drinking on July 3, 2019. The victim was 15 at the time.

Charging documents state the victim's friend told officers the victim became intoxicated, vomited on herself and eventually passed out.

The victim's friend told officers she saw Galvinn Munson, 17 at the time, laying on top of the victim but didn't appear to be having sex with her at this moment.

The victim's friend told officers the victim was not wearing clothes when she woke up.

Police contacted the victim who said she drank alcohol at the party, got intoxicated, then laid down on a bed next to her friend.

According to documents, Munson cuddled with the victim who did not give consent to have sex. Documents continued Munson asked the victim to remove her pants but the she didn't want to.

Documents further stated Munson pulled the victim onto the floor and removed her pants. The victim told police she passed out and woke up to Munson having sex with her.

Officers confiscated the blanket, detectives were granted a search warrant and the State Crime Lab found numerous blotches of semen on the blanket matching with Munson's DNA.

The detective was unable to locate Munson and the warrant had expired.

Monday, Jan. 11, 2021, law enforcement stopped and located Munson during a traffic stop.

Munson was taken to GFPD for questioning, documents stated he said he was aware of the reason he was there and he remembered the July 3, 2019 party.

Documents stated Munson said all party attendees were excessively drinking and the victim was drunk with slurred speech.

Munson, according to documents, confessed to having intercourse with the victim and added she fell asleep so he stopped.

In documents, the detective addressed Munson that he raped her and shouted, "It's bulls***" that the victim could change her mind.

Munson's bond is set at $25,000 and due to the alleged involvement of alcohol, he is ordered to have an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, participate in a remote breathalyzer or participate in the 24/7 Sobriety Program all at his own expense. If he does not start monitoring within 24 hours, discontinues monitoring without the court's permission, or does not pay for the services, his bail shall be revoked.


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