Great Falls Public Schools

Great Falls Public Schools is continuing to look for substitute teachers, and if you are on the fence about applying it could be easier than you think.

Jacqueline Green, who is the Sub Clerk for GFPS, says it's a different dynamic than becoming a regular teacher. As an example when hiring for a full-time teacher, they look for someone who is licensed in education. To become a substitute, you do not need an education background.

"We take people from all different realms, so if you've had business experience that's super helpful, because you sort of understand the organization structure, or if you have young kids that's always really helpful, because you know how to handle those behaviors sometimes," Green said.

For those looking to later become full-time teachers, Green also said that starting out as a substitute would help you get your foot in the door. 

The need for substitute teachers are also greater during this time of year, when teachers around Great Falls are getting sick from the cold and the flu.

To apply you can visit their website by clicking here. Green said new substitute teachers are often working within two weeks time. Jobs are also available for food service workers, paraeducators, crossing guards, and teacher aides. 

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