GREAT FALLS - Great Falls Public Schools has given some insight on how remote learning will look for families this upcoming year.

Students in middle school will be working with a remote team dedicated to each of the core areas like math, science, social studies and English, and high schoolers, will have full-time remote learning teachers who will work with the students on the mandatory subjects.

These classes will be done mainly through Google Classroom and Moodle.

In the spring, educators used what was most comfortable to set up in a small window, but this year, they are putting everything into one resource and will not be using the packet system families saw just a few months ago.

“We will be using district textbooks and then the big thing is the technology and keeping that line of communication open with our schools if parents don’t have devices and don’t have access to the internet then we need to know because we can help provide that,” said Heather Hoyer, Assistant Superintendent Secondary Education Grades 7-12th.

For elementary level students, the layout is going to be a lot different than for the higher-level education.

Students kindergarten through 6th grade, will be working through a software program that can provide instruction for the student needs to be focused on for that given day.

Think of it as an educational smartphone app.

The goal was to provide more flexibility for parents at home since these younger students will require parents to help with working through some of the assignments.

Parents will be able to create a custom schedule that fits in with their current work schedule or to just work on one area, take a break and then move on to the next.

This software will also provide video and personal instruction to help guide families through assignments and projects.

Now even though this app will be very interactive, a key factor for making sure these elementary level students will need their parents to help.

“If parents choose the remote model they need to know they need to be involved with the learning process, for example, they might need to motivate their child, designate a schedule or time for them to work in this platform,” said Ruth Uecker, Elementary Assistant Superintendent, Grades K-6th.

GFPS has set it up so far for these teachers to be one hundred percent dedicated to remote learning and not split between a physical classroom and a virtual one so all students receive the highest level of educational dedication and preparation.

Remote learning sign up closed on Wednesday July 29, 2020 for secondary education but will remain open for at least two more weeks for K-6th.


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