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GREAT FALLS - Two of the most heavily asked questions so far are focused on mask-wearing in schools and changes to the bus system in light of social distancing.

Parents have been expressing concerns to GFPS on how they plan on making young students in middle school and lower keep their masks on?

In a Facebook live held late last week, Superintendent Moore responded by saying it comes down to common sense and re-teaching these new behaviors to the younger students.

He continued by saying they expect students to want to take the masks off or to even pull on each other’s masks but it will be up to the schools to teach the students to avoid these behaviors.

When asked about younger students specifically in the kindergarten and 1st-grade level superintendent Moore had this to say.

“We can teach students to do some incredible things and we expect them to practice those things and be respectful to others and so forth how to be kind and courteous to each other we teach little children that in all of our programs and we will do that with the masking protocol as well,” Moore said.

GFPS does plan on providing masks for those who cannot supply their own, but he does encourage families to add buying masks to their back to school shopping lists.

GFPS has sent out to parents in the area a sheet on busing to figure out exactly how many students will be needing it and based on those numbers they will make decisions on how to get students on to buses and still maintain healthy situations.

We will continue to update as we learn more on what families can expect going into the school year.

Schools are currently set to reopen August 26th a link to a school supplies list is here.


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