Grizzly Bear - MGN

Image courtesy of NPS Photo. 

Wildlife officials took off to reports of a bear attack this morning by the Sun River, leaving one man injured from the encounter.

According to Fish, Wildlife and Parks, a band of recreationalists were breaking camp and loading their boats above Willow Creek reservoir. 

One man from the group stepped into some nearby bushes before coming across a two-year-old cub and its mother. 

FWP says the bear then started biting the man in defense, seeing him as a threat to her cub. 

“We determined at this point that it was a surprise encounter… Once we determined that, then we decided that there wouldn’t be any more action taken against the bear,” said FWP Communications and Education Division Administrator Greg Lemon.

First responders arrived soon after and flew out the man to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. 

This comes after a similar attack in April, when a hiker in Dupuyer encountered a female grizzly and her three cubs, before shooting the mother in self-defense. Crews later euthanized the grizzly, which had suffered a gunshot wound.  

Lemon asks everyone to prepare ahead, and keep an eye out for signs of bear activity, like paw prints, and falling rocks as they enjoy the outdoors. 

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