GREAT FALLS – Monday marked the beginning of Spring Break for Carroll College students in Helena, and while it's a good time to relax from schoolwork, a small group is taking that time to volunteer in the Electric City with a bit of heavy lifting.

With some help from construction managers, the students are working with non-profit Habitat for Humanity, lifting pieces, tools and placing screws in their efforts to build the foundation for a three bed, one bathroom home.

For the group, the volunteer work isn't just a chance to serve the community, it's also an opportunity to learn.

"Not all of us know how to use the equipment, so [Habitat for Humanity is] teaching us how to work and the next five days will probably go a lot smoother,” said Todd Pays, a Carroll College Alumnus and one of the volunteers on board.

Pays said it's too early to tell how much progress they'll make by the end of the week, but he hopes that they will get to the house's indoor walls before they head back to the capitol.


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