Help Me Taylor: Confusion over latest stimulus distribution

More and more people who aren’t getting their stimulus money via direct deposit are getting them in the form of Visa gift cards. And here’s where the concern lies: people are throwing them out, because they think it’s a scam. It’s not… and one woman says she has enough friends who thought it could be that she decided to reach out with this warning. 

With the potential of a third stimulus payment right around the corner, more and more Montanans are asking, "Where's my money?" after never having received the second round. 

To find out if you're getting a second payment, first head to the IRS website here. Click the "Get My Payment" tab and fill out the information. 

In many cases, the IRS is reporting that 1) a check has already been sent out and should have arrived, 2) there is insufficient information to process your request, or 3) you are not eligible for the stimulus money. 

If any of the above three options pop up, your best bet is to plan on filing a "Recovery Rebate Credit" when you file your taxes. You have to complete this form and turn it into the IRS, even if you don't normally do taxes. 

Be aware, even if you received a direct deposit during the first round, the IRS has decided to send some of them out in the form of VISA gift cards anyway. If you think your gift card has been lost or stolen, you can call 1-800-240-8100. 

If you have any other questions regarding stimulus checks, contact Taylor here. 

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