Cheerleaders paying it forward

A member of the Laurel Locomotives Cheerleading Team giving Server Dylan Tatarka over $600 in tips, as their way of paying things forward during game trips. Photo courtesy Laurel High School Cheerleaders' Facebook Page. 

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - In sharing the good this weekend, Montana Right Now’s looking at a group of cheerleaders, and how their generosity during dinner made one waiter’s night.

After dining in at MacKenzie River Pizza Company, the Laurel Locomotives Cheerleading Team went out of their way to give $615 dollars in tips, surprising their server with money they raised within a day online on Venmo.

MRN got in touch with the waiter himself to see what he had to say about the surprising gesture.

“I was just honestly in shock right away at first, and didn’t really know what to think and just kind of teared up,” said Server Dylan Tatarka. “It just shows that there’s still great kindness and good people out there and it just gave me some hope you know? It was really inspiring.” 

Dylan says the encounter inspires him to pay it forward in any way he can, as he continues helping others through his work at the restaurant.

The cheerleaders say they’re still taking donations, with plans on doing something similar Saturday night. You can find their Venmo username and code in the photo below: 

Venmo info for donations



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