Senior Standout Gabe Longin
On the football field, Gabe Longin has been hitting the right notes for years.
But off the field, Gabe has been focused on hitting a different kind of note.
"At first I didn't wanna do it, all my friends were in it. Freshmen year everyone takes it, and my sisters have always been in it. It's just been really fun and it's given me something to do besides football and academics." Says Longin.
A running back for Great Falls High, Longin has been an excellent contributor for Mark Samson's team both on the field and off of the field.
"Well he's not really a rah rah kid, but you can see he has the emotion, don't get me wrong. You can see the emotion in his game and stuff. But he's not really outspoken a lot." Samson says.
It's a similar story in the choral area as well. As choir teacher Jordan Spicher attests, Gabe makes her job a little bit easier.
"It's super important to have leadership in each section, and he's especially skilled at being a good example. But not necessarily assigned leadership roles, but he's always respectful, he's got great attendance, he's attentive." Spicher says about Longin.
Whether it's on the football field, in the choir room, or just in the classroom, it's clear that Gabe Longin is hitting all the right notes.


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