Hottest flower trends in 2019

GREAT FALLS- When you think of weddings, you probably think about the obvious details like a dress and venue. But, what goes into making sure you have the right stylish flowers for the big day?

Well, today a bunch of bride's attended the Bridal Extravaganza here in Great Falls to get an idea of what flowers they want. So we talked to a local flower shop, My Viola to see what the hottest trends are this year and tells us it's the looser bouquets and foliage items like garlands and flower crowns. However, My Viola says trends tend to come back into style about every 10 years.

"So when I was married about 20 years ago, it was Martha Stewart. It was the perfect round beautiful lush bouquet, very minimal, but more about the flowers back then," said Kari Lane Johnson, with My Viola Flora Studio.

As to how all these flowers get assembled for weddings, well, my viola says it can be up to a four-day process. However, it is a tedious process because if they start too soon, the flowers could start to wilt.

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