GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Around one in the morning Friday, Great Falls Fire Rescue responded to a house fire on Lower River Rd. When they arrived they found the structure completely engulfed in flames

Crews came back after a few hours because the debris was still smoking. One trailer and multiple cars were destroyed by the flames.

One of the neighboring houses also received external damages.

Property manager Desarea Valentine woke up to texts alerting her of the disaster.

She said the family living in the house is safe but there were a few pets that did not make it out.

“It’s one thing when you see it happen but when you know the family and you deal with it first hand it's, you want to jump in and help. You want to make sure you're helping them the way they need to be helped.”

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

If you would like to help out the family you can call Valentine at 406-205-3621 for donation needs and locations.

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